Video: Fans Take the Screaming Slayer Challenge

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, this is probably the most entertaining thing you’ll see today.

Jhofffilms recently challenged viewers to send in videos of themselves screaming “SLAYERRRRR!” in the coolest/funniest/whateverest way imaginable, with the winners being awarded some swag. A ton of people from all over the world took them up on it, offering up all kinds of crazy variations on the theme: screaming “SLAYERRRRR!” while breaking shit, screaming “SLAYERRRRR!” in public places, screaming”SLAYERRRRR!” while breaking different shit, screaming”SLAYERRRRR!” from moving vehicles,  screaming”SLAYERRRRR!” while setting shit on fire, screaming”SLAYERRRRR!” while jumping from shit, screaming”SLAYERRRRR!” while breaking even more shit… and so on and so forth.

They got so many entries, in fact, that they’re not even all included in the resulting lengthy montage, which is so much goddamn fun to watch, it could easily stand to be twice as long.


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