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Makers of the $1,200 Black Metal Hoodie Hold Corpse Paint Laden Fashion Show in a Parisian McDonald’s


Vetements, the Parisian “design collective” responsible for those $1,200 black metal-style hoodies at Barney’s a few years back, have once again made provocative use of the black metal aesthetic for fashion purposes.

See, it’s Men’s Fashion Week in Paris right now, and Vetements, like so many designers, had a show. Thing is, their show didn’t take place in a typical venue, or include standard-looking models. It took place in a goddamn McDonald’s, and at least a handful of the models wore corpse paint. (Although it has nothing to do with black metal, I also find it amusing that “Attendees received their invites on custom Vetements prophylactics,” according to Time.)

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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Photo by Victor Boyko
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Photo by by J’Dee Allin

This is the second time this week that we’ve seen corpse paint be re-appropriated for something that has nothing to do with metal, after a country music video for the song “Cussing at the Light” by Jason Hawk Harris. But whereas that was entertaining, everything Vetements does just seems douchie to me. Maybe I’m being too hard on the fashion industry.

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