Exclusive Guitar Playthrough Video: “Wonder” by WAIT (Exist, Defeated Sanity, Etc.)


Fans of progressive technical metal, boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you today: a guitar playthrough video for “Wonder,” the first single from the new band WAIT.

“Wait!” you cry, “Who are WAIT?” Fair question! The band — whose name is an acronym for ‘We Are in Transit’ — was started by guitarist Charlie Eron. And while Eron may not be a household name in the metal community yet, his bandmates most certainly are: the rest of WAIT’s line-up is rounded out by vocalist Max Phelps (Exist, Death To All, Defeated Sanity, ex-Cynic), drummer Anup Sastry (Jeff Loomis, ex-Intervals, ex-Monuments, ex-Skyharbor), and bassist Alex Weber (Exist, Defeated Sanity). Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Holy shit, if all those dudes are involved, WAIT must be something really special!” And you’re thinking correctly. WAIT combines the impressive technicality of latter-day Death with a melodic, modern palette that often feels djentier and spacier, if no less thrilling. We expect big things for WAIT in the future.

Do not wait to experience WAIT: watch the Eron-centric playthrough video below! WAIT’s debut EP, also called We Are in Transit, comes out July 12 via The Artisan Era.

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