Sabaton are the True Metal Heroes the World Needs


As you’ve likely heard, Manowar pulled out of their scheduled headline performance at Hellfest last weekend at the eleventh hour. Rumor had it they were unhappy with the size of the stage or with local volume ordinances, so of course they placed the blame squarely on Hellfest like the true selfish pricks that they are. Canceling on fans who’ve paid hundreds of dollars to see you (or even thousands once flights are factored in) = the most un-metal thing one could possibly do. Shameful! A disgrace.

Compare that to Sabaton, who not only stepped in THE DAY OF to fill Manowar’s time slot, but did so AFTER PLAYING AN HOUR AND A HALF SET THAT ENDED AT TWO IN THE MORNING THE NIGHT BEFORE, and despite vocalist Joakim Brodén having blown out his voice while doing so. No vocalist? No problem! The band’s two guitarists sang the entire set using lyric sheets taped to their microphone stands, while Brodén — wearing his patented chest plates and aviator shades as always — sat at a table on stage left drinking with some of the band’s friends in honor of the Swedish solstice ritual of Midsummer while watching his heroic bandmates pick him up, stepping on stage to offer the occasional word of thanks to the audience or act as a hypeman. THAT IS FUCKING METAL!

With that in mind, watch the band’s new video for “The Great War,” the title track of their upcoming album, which features a bunch of live footage, including the choir of a dozen or so singers dressed up in full World War I military uniform (who performed at both shows on this very song!), all the requisite pyro (lots of pyro), the gigantic tank stage prop and Joakim’s chest plates (always Joakim’s chest plates). It doesn’t get any more fucking metal than this right here. Hail Sabaton!

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