Disturbed’s David Draiman Slams “Delusional” and “Very Sick Man” Roger Waters Over Israel Boycott… Again


Disturbed’s David Draiman made headlines last month when he slammed former Pink Floyd bassist/vocalist Roger Waters over the latter’s refusal to perform in Israel, calling out Waters and “his Nazi comrades” for punishing the people of a nation based on the actions of their government. Draiman’s choice of words was extremely ill-informed, uncalled for and just plain incorrect, which is too bad, because it could be argued (emphasis on could) that Draiman has a point with regards to the efficacy of such a boycott.

On the eve of the Disturbed’s performance in Israel (tonight, July 2nd!), Draiman has dug in further in a new interview with Israeli podcast Met Al Metal, attacking Waters as “delusional” and accusing him of supporting dictators:

“Don’t get me wrong — I think that everybody can have an opinion, an educated opinion, criticizing any government on the face of the planet. At the end of the day, whether you agree with all of the policies of the current Israeli government or not, you can’t hold an entire nation and an entire people and an entire society liable.”

“The man is so delusional, the man is so wrapped up in his own psychosis and his own hatred disguised as this quote-unquote BDS campaign…The man is a very sick man.”

“He performed [in Israel] and he made up stories about it — incorrect stories. He tried to address the Israeli crowd and ask for peace and supposedly was met with negativity and boos, and whatever, and then they go ahead and show the video from the actual performance so many years ago, and the Israeli fans were cheering for peace.”

“This is a guy who just celebrated getting a gift of a guitar from Nicolás Maduro from Venezuela, for god’s sake — one of the most brutal dictators in the world, who has been massacring his own people, starving his own people.”

“I don’t know what he did, drug-wise, during his life, but whatever he did fried a bunch of brain cells. The guy is not operating on all cylinders anymore.”

Wow… what to make of all that?

To start, I do think Draiman has a point that it’s unfair to hold all the people of a nation accountable for the actions of their government. Isn’t music the great uniter? What the people of Israel need most, many of whom I’m sure are vehemently opposed to their government’s policies — especially those attending a Waters concert! — is to sing along at the top of their lungs to “Dogs” and “Money.” As for any argument Waters might make that depriving Israel of culture from around the world will put pressure on the country’s government to walk back its horrific policies against the Palestinians… yeah, it ain’t working.

To Draiman’s claim that Waters celebrated receiving a gift from Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro… I missed it when it happened, but the internet is rife with articles saying it took place just that way. If Waters’ argument is that he supports the people of Venezuela and that America is to blame for the country’s problems, then why won’t he support the people of Israel and why does he continue to perform in America? And he full-throatedly gives his support to Maduro, who has systematically and deliberately cut off all vestiges of democracy in his own country?

Let it be known, people: this is perhaps the first time MetalSucks has wholeheartedly endorsed David Draiman. The man has a point. I’m not about to run out and purchase Disturbed tickets, but I don’t think I can continue supporting Roger Waters… and Pink Floyd are one of my favorite bands of all time. At least this time Draiman chose his words more carefully.

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