3Teeth’s Alexis Mincolla: George W. Bush Was Worse Than Trump


Donald Trump’s presidency has been laden with controversy. Often times we’re caught up in his embarrassing theatrics and shockingly ignorant remarks, which force us to sit back and compare his administration with those that came before him. Every president, as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, has red-stained hands.

In this week’s episode of The MetalSucks Podcast we sat down with 3Teeth vocalist Alexis Mincolla to discuss a heap of topics such as the band’s upcoming album, Metawar, and his education and background in political science, the latter of which naturally led to a discussion about the current American political landscape. When asked his opinion on how Trump’s presidency compares to the George W. Bush administration, Alexis had some important light to shed on the topic:

“I don’t want to get too caught up into the quagmire of what the Trump administration is, but I don’t think Trump is nearly as bad a president as Bush was, and the sort of psychic scars that he’s left on this country in terms of the geopolitical insanity that occurred at that point in time. That shaped more of the world that we live in today than a guy who basically has become the highest form of info-tainment that people are obviously getting polarized by.

“I always said that the president is nothing more than the entertainment division of the military industrial complex. It’s often times the distraction from what’s really happening. It’s like he’s the show and he’s distracting even the military industrial complex from what it should be doing.

“So I think Trump in many ways is a fairly inert president comparatively to the geopolitical factors that the Bush administration had on the globe. I by no means support anything Trump has done, but I certainly think that when people like to compare the two as like, “Oh man, this makes me miss George W.” No it doesn’t. I think that administration was ten times more toxic in terms of its impact on the world.”

In many ways, Mr. Alexis does have a point. But while Bush launched horrific wars in the name of American greed and power, who knows what Trump is capable of during the two years left in his “infotainment reign”? Whatever the case might be, we’ve already taken huge leaps backward that I can only hope are reversed during the next administration — assuming Trump isn’t re-elected, of course. Bernie, where you at?

Stream the podcast episode featuring Mincolla below (the above quote starts around the 30:20 mark).

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