M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold Will Be a Playable Character in the New Call of Duty Game


Avenged Sevenfold and the ever-popular Call of Duty video game franchise go back at least seven years, when the group not only contributed a song to the soundtrack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but also cameoed in the game, with frontman M. Shadows going so far as to pose as a digital zombie for developers. And that must have gone well, because three years later, they created more new music for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

And THAT must have also gone well, because now Shadows is back as a playable character for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 expansion pack, Operation Apocalypse Z Blackout.

The news broke yesterday, when Shadows participated in a livestream event with the game’s developer, Treyarch. You can check that out below. And below that, you can watch a trailer for the game, which includes a brief look at Shadows in digital form… hanging out with the also-metal-friendly actor Danny Trejo. I dunno if Trejo is also a playable character or not, but I think I’d be more excited to play as him than I would be to play as Shadows.

ANYWAY, no word on if anything will make the Shadows character special other than looking like the A7X frontman. Will he have the special power to take away his opponents’ ability to do math? Or maybe he can just kinda mimic his enemies with such skill that their allies can’t tell the two apart? We should know any second now: Operation Apocalypse Z Blackout was released today on the PS4.

[via Kerrang!]

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