Swimming Slayer Fan Has Been Immortalized on a Budweiser Beer Can


Speaking of Slayer — who just announced the FINAL leg of their FINAL tour ever (for real this time!), to which we are giving away tickets for ALL shows! — you may recall that, at the beginning of the farewell touring cycle last year, a fan who was kicked out of the band’s show in Toronto for being too intoxicated jumped into the lake on the venue’s perimeter and attempted to swim his way back in. Sadly (but predictably) that fan, Chris LaRocque, was not successful in his efforts — police pulled him out of the water and apprehended his drunk ass — but now his mug will be preserved in posterity as a piece of metal memorabilia.

In a dramatic turn of events, the very venue that barred Chris from watching his heroes — The Budweiser Stage in Toronto — his decided to feature a drawn rendition of the infamous photograph (below, via Scott Ian) in which a visibly dejected Larocque sits sadly in the water on a series of bottles celebrating its 25th anniversary. The limited edition Budweiser bottle can features renditions of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Nickelback, Black Sabbath… and LaRocque. It’s quite an honor, but pretty fucked up if you think about it: Larocque didn’t even get to see the full show, and now the venue and Budweiser are profiting off his likeness! What the fuck??

LaRocque himself doesn’t seem too bummed, thankfully: all the guy wants is a free beer. Check it out below via LaRocque’s own Facebook post.

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Fan of the tour. He got kicked out and tried to swim back in. Swipe left! #commitment #allin #hypothermia

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