Identity of Slipknot’s New Percussionist: Behold! The Latest Conspiracy Theory!


The mystery surrounding the identity of Slipknot’s new percussionist continues to elude even your most intrepid of metal reporters, Monsieurs Rosenberg and Neilstein (lol j/k, everyone knows the MS Mansion Monkeys do all the work around here… Higgins has been pulling overtime lately!). When Axl’s grandma is calling me to see if I know who it is, you know this shit has reached absurd levels.

Slipknot are sure having fun with the whole ordeal, sitting back and laughing while they watch the metal world churn. So who thinks they have all the answers where everyone else has failed? None other than the sneaky sleuths over at Reddit!

A new thread on the Slipknot SubReddit contains a photo of someone who *might* be the new Slipknot member leaving a hotel with Mick Thomson. The “evidence”? Footwear that matches what the percussionist has been seen wearing on stage, and which also matches footwear donned by other Slipknot members. In other words, the theory posits there is a standard issue Slipknot stage shoe, and this guy was wearing ’em.

Here’s the problem: it’s a fairly standard sneaker design. And even if we accept the “standard issue Slipknot stage shoe” theory, the man in question could have the role of guitar/drum tech, sound engineer, light guy, wardrobe dude or one of at least a dozen other jobs with Slipknot that could involve such shoes. What’s more, he’s got a camera strapped around his neck in the photo: maybe he’s a photographer/videographer traveling with the band!

So, in short: this one’s a big stretch. Although you never know.

Since we’re throwing around silly theories, I’m gonna do the same: could our mystery photo subject be Corey Taylor’s son Griffin? The build of the person in the photo is slight, almost boyish, AND we know Griffin has been on tour with Slipknot lately. So check this Google Images cache and mull that over while I get the MS Mansion Monkeys to search out matching shoe listings on Amazon.

Identity of Slipknot’s New Percussionist: Behold! The Latest Conspiracy Theory!

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