Murk Rider’s Exile Of Shadows Will Destroy Your Entire World


A debut album that’s been seven years in the making, Murk Rider’s Exile Of Shadows is an absolutely blistering effort that’ll crumble cities and scramble the inner worlds. The California duo, Derek Schultz and Ian Thompson, were inspired by Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero With A Thousand Faces as they took on a mutual journey towards sobriety, leading to the creation of a musical opus of 80 minutes split between three tracks.

In other words, this isn’t a record to be left on in the background while you go about your daily life. Exile Of Shadows is a profound experience that transcends any musical label one could give; the blistering blackened sludge and dreamlike interludes speak of something much deeper, concepts and emotions that can only be expressed through their sonic equivalence. Throughout the earth-shattering distortion, transitions between sections feature field recordings of the natural world, folksy ambiance in the realm of Panopticon, lush synthscapes, and even the wails of trumpets and trombones.

And before you ask — yes, that’s Thin Lizzy’s frontman on the cover. The band chose to depict Phil Lynott in a scene from Richard Wagner’s classic opera The Ring because he “fit the archetypal mode of the cosmic hero well, even though he never overcame his demons and tragically died from his addictions.” Pretty fucking metal.

If there’s one new thing you listen to today, make it Exile Of Shadows. Your mind will be thoroughly blown. Purchase on Murk Rider’s Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook.

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