Video: Terror Frontman Kicks Out Violent Security Guard From Show


Update, 1:06pm EDT: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the show took place at Come and Take It Live in Austin, TX on August 18. The post has been updated to reflect that the show took place at Trees in Dallas on August 17.

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Terror frontman Scott Vogel had had enough of the violent antics of one security guard at the band’s show at Trees in Dallas, TX on Saturday night, August 17. After Vogel audibly invited fans to stage-dive, the staff member prevented one crowd-surfer from reaching the stage, then forcefully body-slammed him onto the ground. According to other attendees, the guard had been treating several patrons in a similar fashion throughout the night.

In fan-filmed video obtained exclusively by MetalSucks, Vogel can be seen trying to help the fan up onto the stage, only to watch the guard grab him across the chest and forcibly slam him into the ground. Vogel dropped the mic, pointed at the guard and yelled “fuck you!” looking back at his bandmates in confusion and horror, then gestured towards the security guard to leave. After waving off the band to stop playing, he said:

“Yo, you can’t fucking do that to people. Get the fuck out of here. You fucking slam people here. Get the fuck outta here!”

The dejected guard then shook his head and walked off.

Harvey P., the man who was bodyslammed, tells MetalSucks, “When Scott said it was OK to jump on stage, I did, then the security guard with the backwards hat slammed the fuck out of me. Got all kinds of marks on my back and my knee is wrecked. Was gonna fuck his shit up but I didn’t wanna get thrown out for fighting a guard. The same guy did it to a bunch of other kids too.”

Harvey reports that the guard stayed away for the duration of Terror’s set, but returned for Stick To Your Guns.

You can watch the video below. We’ve also posted a photo of the security guard in question.

Special thanks to longtime MS reader Josh H. for the tip.

Video: Terror Frontman Kicks Out Violent Security Guard From Show
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