Bad Wolves Post New Track, “Killing Me Slowly,” and Announce New Album, N.A.T.I.O.N.


Bad Wolves have quite a task ahead of them following their breakout smash hit, a cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie” that took over radio for fucking eeeeeeverrrrrr. The band members, at least, are self-aware enough to release that, if their public interviews are any indication. They don’t wanna just be the “Zombie” band forever.

And I gotta hand it to the guys: “Killing Me Slowly,” their new single, is a step in the right direction. In other words, it’s catchy as fuck. I see no reason this one can’t catch on at radio, too, which is where Bad Wolves are gonna live or die. It’s not necessarily my thing, but respect where it’s due: this is a hot track.

“Killing Me Slowly” comes from the band’s forthcoming album, N.A.T.I.O.N., which will come out on October 25 via Eleven Seven. Another track from the album, “I’ll Be There,” dropped last month.

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