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Bad Wolves Post New Track “I’ll Be There”


Bad Wolves, for now, are very much known to most as the band that covered The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” a fact the members are quite aware of and open about. The follow-up to their 2018 album Disobey will very much be about breaking beyond that and forging their own identity. Those of us who listened to Disobey already know it wasn’t just 10 tracks that sound like “Zombie,” but the future still remains very much about getting that message out to the masses and expanding the band’s brand.

A new track called “I’ll Be There” came out today as a standalone single, and while it’s very much in line with much of Disobey, I wonder if those who only know “Zombie” will think it’s even the same band. It’s actually pretty heavy, with a “Cowboys From Hell” meets Periphery intro featuring a gigantic, meaty riff. And while I could absolutely do without Tommy Vext’s rapping, I dig his catchy chorus enough — and what the rest of the band is doing — to give this jam the ol’ Vince seal of approval. It’s instantly better than Breaking Benjatheory of a Disturbed or whatever else is on modern radio rock these days, I’ll tell you that. Jam it below.

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