1349 Premiere New Track “Striding the Chasm”

  • Axl Rosenberg

1349 have premiered “Striding the Chasm,” a song from their new album, The Infernal Pathway. Which presumably intersects with, or is at least near, the Left Hand Path.

ANYHOO, the song is… fine? I don’t dislike it, but it feels like it never really goes anywhere. There can be a kind of hypnosis that settles in with this kind of redundancy, but I don’t think the Norwegian band has achieved that here. The results are a sonic and emotional plateau that fails to justify the track’s six-minute-plus length.

But again, I don’t think the song is bad! Not everything is so black and white; sometimes, even corpse paint exists in a gray area. I just want 1349 to be the best 1349 they can be, y’know?

Am I nuts? Undoubtedly! But am I nuts for having lukewarm feelings about this song? Listen below and decide for yourself! The Infernal Pathway comes out October 18.

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