Gatecreeper Keeps on Creepin’ With New Song “Everlasting”


First of all, full credit to #1 MS reader Ranpal C., for not only tipping us off to this track’s release, but writing our headline for us and everything. Ranpal is truly the Charlie Bucket to our Willy Wonka.

Second of all, how fucktickles, how good is “Everlasting,” the new song from Gatecreeper? Good enough to make me type “fucktickles,” that’s how good! I don’t know that there’s a modern death metal band who does “foreboding” as well as these dudes. “Everlasting” comes off their new album, Deserted, which our jobs as cool bloggers have allowed us to hear already… and we can tell you, it does not disappoint.

Do yourself a favor and check out “Everlasting” below. Deserted will be out October 4th on Relapse; pre-order it here. The band kicks off a co-headline tour with Exhumed on Halloween; get dates here.

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