Listen to the Title Track From Despised Icon’s New Album, Purgatory


As predicted, today Despised Icon have released the first single from their just-announced new album, Purgatory. Specifically, they’ve released the title track from the record.

So how is it? Pretty goddamn great! Assuming you even like Despised Icon, that is. There is no classic DI trope that this song doesn’t embrace. Particularly awesome bridge (1:23)? Check. Inspirational hardcore lyrics? Check (“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”). Spine-snapping breakdown? This song has THREE of those, and they’re back-to-fucking-back. Like, there’s a breakdown that transitions directly into another breakdown that transitions directly into another breakdown. Granted, the third breakdown is just a slower, heavier, breakdownier version of the first breakdown. Still, basically the entire back half of this track is breakdowns. It’s bonkers, bruh.

Check out “Purgatory” the song below. Purgatory the album comes out November 15. Despised Icon kick off a tour with Shadow of Intent, Kublai Khan, and Ingested later this month. Dates are here.

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