Chimaira Guitarist Rob Arnold Debuts New Video Series; Frontman Mark Hunter Guests

  • Axl Rosenberg

I was literally wearing my Chimaira Resurrection/”You Are Fucking Worthless” shirt yesterday*, and lo and behold, that band’s lead guitarist, Rob Arnold, launched a new video series. Three cheers for kismet!

The series is called Everything You Love, and mostly centers around Arnold answering fan questions about topics ranging from why the band broke up to drummer Andols Herrick’s current state of health to how to play “Stigmurder.” In fact, at one Arnold he enlists Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter to help him out, which leads to some funny stories about the tour riders, former drummer Kevin Talley’s misadventures from the road and the hazing he underwent from Hunter and keyboardist/sampler Chris Spicuzza, which band member was the fariest (unsurprisingly spoiler: it’s bassist Jim LaMarca), and the various legalities that make a Chimaira box set or rarities collection unlikely. If you love this band as much as I do, it’s a must watch. And don’t forget to go ahead and subscribe to Rob Arnold’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss future episodes.


*Which is always a conversation starter — I can’t wear it without getting a comment from a complete stranger. Yesterday, it was some dude who shouted, “I know I’m fuckin’ worthless, I don’t need a shirt to tell me that!”

[via The PRP]

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