Ghost Not in Touring in 2020; Could They Make a Movie?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Even as I type this, Ghost are touring North American arenas in support of their 2018 album, Prequelle (get tickets here!). And if you were thinking about skipping your local show, you might wanna reconsider… ’cause the band won’t be doing any touring at all in 2020.

The news is not surprising, given that Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge just recently he said that “January to September” of 2020 is “the production window” for Ghost’s next record. Still, in a new interview with the Herald-Whig, Forge spells it out for the cheap seats:

“To be specific, it’s going to be absolutely zero touring in 2020. We have one show in February, and that’s going be in a country that to the south of the US, and that will be it, that’s the only show we’re doing, and that’s going to be the wrap-up of this tour cycle. The year is going to be spent making a new record, a new record that will come out in 2021, the beginning of 2021, and then we’re looking at eighteen months of touring again. Next year is going to be, at least from a touring point of view, off. But there’s going to be a lot of other things happening, so be sure that you’re going to see plenty from Ghost next year.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, Forge is asked about the possibility of someday making a Ghost movie furthering the ongoing narrative of the band’s various vocalists (the Papas Emeriti and Cardinal Copia). Forge doesn’t rule out the idea, and also says that narrative could be expanded “in paper form,” which I assume would mean either a book or, more appropriately given the visual nature of Ghost, a graphic novel:

“I guess in the context of a rock band trying to tell a story, you can’t have too high of hopes of it being a blockbuster success! Hahaha! We’re still a rock band, and it’s there for fun. But yeah, the intention is to, in one way or form, tell that story, and if it becomes a film one day, potentially… but there is definitely other ways to tell the story, as well. And it might come out in paper form.”

Tip to Tobias: if you do decide to make a movie, keep these things in mind before proceeding. K thanks.

You can read the entire interview here.

[via Kerrang!]

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