Dawn Ray’d Unleash Anti-Capitalist Song and Video, “To All, To All, To All!”


Are you unsure of where British black metal trio Dawn Ray’d fall on the political spectrum? You certainly won’t be after watching the video for the band’s new song, “To All, To All, To All!,” and reading singer/violinist Simon Barr’s explanation for where the title comes from:

“The title is the opening line of the final communique released by the Kronstadt rebellion in Russia in 1921, which was an anarchist uprising. The lyrics are about the tragedy of those who uphold and support capitalism, despite the misery, drudgery, depression that comes with living under the system. There’s something terrible about being bludgeoned by something whilst still believing it’s there to benefit you.”

The accompanying video, shot by Priya Sharma and edited by Thomas Gill, further serves to express the band’s beliefs. As has become Dawn Ray’d’s trademark, the song is based in black metal but features punctuations of folk by way of Barr’s violin, making for a combined aural and visual assault that is steadfast in Dawn Ray’d antifascist and anti-capitalist message.

Behold Sedition Plainsong is out on October 25 via Prosthetic, and is available for pre-order now.

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