Heavy Rotation: Dawn Ray’d Share Their Recent Listening


Anarchist black metal trio Dawn Ray’d released their third album, To Know the Light, last week via Prosthetic Records. Even among the catalog of a band that uses a violin instead of a bass, To Know the Light is a step forward for Dawn Ray’d in terms of songwriting and performance. To learn more about the albums that inspire them, MetalSucks asked Dawn Ray’d to make us a Heavy Rotation playlist. What follows is their playlist.

Passage D’Hiver – Im Winterwald

This is probably my favorite black metal album, there are so many layers on this track, and the more intently you listen to it, the more it drags you in. It is like a swirling storm of darkness, It captures feelings of nihilism so well. Miserable, hypnotic and cathartic! (Simon)

Wallachian Cobwebs – Hearken to the Moon Whisper

Hands down the greatest Dungeon Synth record, it is truly evil in how it sounds, and creates such an intense atmosphere. I’m not usually a fan of film quotes in music, but this record does it perfectly, properly unnerving. The whole record is about these wretched ancient vampires, living in the dark and filth of these ancient crumbling castles. Incredibly atmospheric. (Simon)

Neil Perry – “Nine Minutes of Non Fiction”

I am obsessed with this song, I actively tried to copy their clean vocals on our record in a couple of places. This is such a high point for 90s screamo and it is such a shame how overlooked this album is. Super raw, but with this grandiose feeling running through it. No frills, no big budget production, just really honest and intense. (Simon)

Unyielding Love – Canopic Ire

We’ve been lucky enough to tour with these dudes a couple of times through the U.K and Europe and I can confidently say they are one of the best and most intense live acts around and this new record has just upped their intensity. Harrowing and brilliant. (Matt)

Lankum – Go Dig My Grave

Lankum are back, the new masters of haunting melodies, Radie Peat has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard and this new song just proves that, full of power, poise and poignancy. (Matt)

Mercyful Fate – “Evil”

The only King I will recognise! I wish I had something poetic to say about this song but this is my get up and go tune, any morning i feel I can’t be arsed, this goes on and usually does the trick. Always brings a smile to my face trying to sing along to those ridiculous high notes! (Matt)

City of Caterpillar – Mystic Sisters

Extreme, thoughtful, and magical. I was stoked when City of Caterpillar reformed and announced a new record – this was the stand out track for me. Ridiculously creative as always, totally out there, and as heavy as any other release this decade. (Fabian)

High Vis – “0151”

I listened to High Vis non-stop when we were recording To Know The Light. This track captures the intensity and honesty that makes them so many people’s favourite band at the minute. Everything is bleak but we’re still here! (Fabian)

Mount Eerie – Wind’s Dark Poem

Heaviness in music takes many forms and Phil Elverum manages to crush me with pretty much everything he does, whether it’s The Microphones or Mount Eerie. This record though doubles down on the desolation, with maybe a tiny sliver of hope in nature. It’s honest black metal that’s influenced me since day one in Dawn Ray’d. (Fabian)

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