YouTuber Stevie T Will Not Tour with Dragonforce After All


A feel-good story of the summer saw extreme power metallers Dragonforce recruit YouTube guitarist Stevie T to fill their bass slot, vacated by longtime low-end slinger Frédéric (who has since joined Kreator), after Stevie’s cover of “Through the Fire and Flames” on the triangle (yes, the triangle) went viral and caught Herman Li’s attention. E-hands were shook, statements were made, and it was all set to begin with Dragonforce’s October U.S. tour.

Except that tour started last week and someone other than Stevie T is on bass (we’re not sure who). In a new video posted to his channel, Stevie T explained that the anticipation of the gig had left him with crippling anxiety — an issue he’s been open about in the past — and that he had no choice but to pull out for his personal well-being. Ultimate Guitar has transcribed a portion of the video:

“Honestly, when I’m in front of a camera is the only time when I feel like that, so that’s why playing a live show in front of all these people, being in a tour bus after I’ve never toured – I’ve never even toured before – my first tour ever is with a famous band on a headlining tour…
“That freaked me the hell out. As for DragonForce, what did they do after I bailed on them? They gave me a cameo in their new music video [‘Razorblade Meltdown’].”

“And I’ll admit, I watched DragonForce performing live on Twitch-con, wondering to myself what could have been because that could have been me on stage with them. Like, who knows what opportunity could have arisen by playing with DragonForce?

“I mean, at the end of the day, I’d rather be a YouTuber anyways, but still, this would have been quite the thing to put on a resume, like, playing with DragonForce. I half-expected DragonForce to hate me after bailing the on them like that; they rightfully could have been, but instead, they were, like, ‘Hey Stevie, we understand. We’ve dealt with our own anxieties before as well.’

“In fact, Herman Li even talked to me on the phone for over an hour, talking about his anxieties in the past as well. Anyone who looks up to Herman Li as a guitar god and just hopes that he’s the amazing person that he appears to be, I’m here to let you guys know that he is. He’s the most genuine dude you will ever know. I still picked up my deluxe package of their new album so, I mean, I’m still supporting the band, of course, and we’re all on great terms but DragonForce, you gotta come to the East Coast, man. We want you here, man.

“So that’s why I’m not sugarcoating this whole DragonForce thing. This is what happened; hopefully someday I can overcome this. Well, ain’t I a ray of sunshine today. [Laughs]”

Dragonforce are currently on tour in the U.S. with someone other than Stevie T on bass and Dance with the Dead and Starkill supporting, the remaining dates of which can be found below; get your tickets here!

Oct. 7 – The Red Room – Vancouver, BC
Oct. 8 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Oct. 11 – August Hall – San Francisco, CA
Oct. 12 – Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA
Oct. 13 – Megacruise – Los Angeles, CA, USA *

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