Chris Fehn to Slipknot Fans: “Don’t Hate” on Tortilla Man


Well, Chris Fehn seems to be handling his firing from Slipknot with equanimity!

When a fan on Instagram recently shit-talked Fehn’s replacement, currently known only as “Tortilla Man,” the ousted percussionist responded “Don’t hate man.”

Considering the dramatic circumstances under which Fehn split from Slipknot, it sure is menschy of him to stick up for the dude who took his job. It almost makes me feel bad for making fun of him last week…

…almost, but not quite. Because this happened, too:

Seriously, bruh? You were in one of the biggest metal bands in the world, like, recently. Your profile is photo is from your time with that band. Of COURSE people are going to wanna talk about Slipknot. I mean, you might as well ask people to stop breathing.

You can get tickets to see the Fehn-less Slipknot here.

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