Listen to Babymetal and Polyphia’s Collaborative Song, “Brand New Day”


Babymetal’s new album, Metal Galaxy, comes out today! Amidst plenty of other killer releases from Toothgrinder, Municipal Waste, Lacuna Coil and Bury Your Dead, it’s an excellent day for new metal.

I’m on my first full spin of Metal Galaxy right now, and upon reaching the track “Brand New Day” while I pecked away at my email box this morning I thought to myself, “Wow, this one really sounds like Polyphia!” And lo and behold, that’s because it is Polyphia, specifically co-guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage guesting on the track. With its boppy electronic-laced beat and happy-vibes Polyphia thing — with trademark Babymetal vocals (in Japanese, naturally) over top — it’s one of my favorite tunes on the record so far.

Jam it below via either Spotify or YouTube. Metal Galaxy is out now and be streamed in full on Spotify and YouTube as well, and ordered here.

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