Alterbeast Need Your Help After Weed Arrest and Tour Debacle


As I always like to remind people who think The MetalSucks Mansion is lined with gold ceilings, ain’t no one getting rich in heavy metal. That’s especially true in death metal, and ESPECIALLY especially true for the genre’s up-and-comers. What would be an uncomfortable but ultimately sustainable financial blow for regular working folk can cause immeasurable ruin for those bringing the death metal ruckus to the underground.

So: Alterbeast are in a bit of a pickle, having recently endured a series of financial setbacks while on tour, including all four members getting arrested for possession of marijuana and the tour’s ultimate cancelation when a family member fell ill.

I’ll let the band take over from here:

“We recently embarked on a 2 week tour that didn’t go how we had planned.

“After having our guarantee agreed upon, we ordered merch and took on payments for a used van, About a week before the start of tour we found out that we would not be receiving our guarantee, but instead splitting around $200 a night with 4 bands.

“On top of that all of us were either given citations or felonies for a laughable amount of weed in Texas, resulting in over $1000 in bail to get our guys out of jail.

“And to make matters worse, our drummers mother in law fell into critical condition, abruptly ending the tour for us, and sending us home with our tails between our legs.

“Now we face a lot of uncertainty as well as a massive merch bill that will begin to incur penalty fees as well as ruining our long standing relationship with our merch company. We have never crowdfunded anything in the past but now we have no other recourse than to ask everyone for any help they can give.

“We will be putting up the remainder of our merch this week on our BigCartel page and if you can donate, buy any merch or share our GFM link, or BigCartel link, we would be extremely grateful. We know times are tough for everyone but we could greatly use your guys support in what has turned into an emotional, physical, and fiscal tragedy for everyone in the Alterbeast camp.

“Thank you guys so much and we hope to have new music as well as new tours for you in the near future. Thank you.”

Alterbeast have set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe which you can donate to right here. As of press time, they’ve raised $1,215 of their stated $3,000 goal, which is a fantastic start. Donate if you can!

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