Police Still Investigating Oli Herbert’s Death One Year Later


It has been just over a year, practically to the day, since All That Remains’ Oli Herbert  drowned  at the age 44. The guitarist’s widow, Elizabeth, subsequently released a bizarrely worded statement in which she claimed that the toxicology report showed anti-depressants and a sleep aid in Oli’s system at the time of his death, alleging he had been self-medicating — but police have since opened an investigation into his death, labeling it “suspicious.” It was eventually revealed that Oli made out a new will leaving Elizabeth everything just a week before his death (and did so without consulting legal representatives, no less). But other than Oli’s former bandmates expressing their own doubts about Elizabeth’s character, we haven’t had many updates on the investigation as of late…

…until now. A new report in The Hartford Courant has revealed that the investigation into Oli’s demise is ongoing, and that Elizabeth’s computer and phone records have been seized by authorities, as has the aforementioned will. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is now entangled in a legal battle with the surviving members of All That Remains:

“In a three-page letter filed in probate court and sent to the three surviving members of All That Remains, the heavy metal band from Springfield, that Oliver Herbert helped form, Westport attorney Robert Alan Schrage writes the band has refused to turn over financial information that his client needs to file an inventory of her husband’s estate with the court. The letter also suggests that the band owes her money, particularly from a European tour it took shortly after his death.”

The report continues:

“Elizabeth Herbert hasn’t submitted a full inventory of her husband’s assets to the North Central Connecticut probate court. In an initial filing last January she estimated her husband’s estate was worth $70,000 not including property.”

You can read the entire report here.

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