All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert Signed a Will Giving His Wife Everything a Week Before His Death

  • Axl Rosenberg

The story behind the tragic death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Herbert died in October at the age of 44. While his death initially seemed to be an accidental drowning, subsequent reports suggested that the police were investigating the death as “suspicious.”

Now, in a development which will likely only add fuel to the conspiracy fire, The Hartford Courant reports that on October 9 — a little more than a week before his death — Herbert signed a will which named his wife, Elizabeth, as the executor and sole beneficiary of the guitarist’s estate. The new will also specified “that under no circumstances should Oliver Herbert’s sister, Cynthia Herbert, become executor or receive anything from his estate.” The value of Oli’s estate is not currently known, although he owed a $132,000 mortgage payment to the bank at the time of his death.

Just as odd as the timing of the new will’s execution is the fact that it was notarized at a Hartford car dealership by a friend of the Herberts, while “There is no attorney signature on it or any indication that it was reviewed by any legal representatives.” Elizabeth Herbert’s attorney, Anthony Spinella, “said his client initially cooperated with the state police after her husband’s death… But he said he has now informed police that any further requests should come through him.”

You can read the Courant‘s entire report here.

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