Metallica Make Wetsuits and Swim Trunks Now


Man. Metallica make so much merch, it’s like they’re trying to brand all their fans as their personal property. I’m honestly kinda shocked they haven’t been purchased and rebooted by Disney yet.

The band’s latest non-musical offering: they’re teaming up with Billabong for a five-part collaboration¬†based on different album covers. They haven’t announced all the covers yet, but the first set of stuff released is all based on The Black Album. Which kinda makes sense — it’s Metallica’s most popular record — but also means the designs are actually pretty boring because they’re just, like, black.

Also, most of this stuff has the Hardwired-style logo, which bugs me on account of it being, y’know, from a completely different album. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Check out pics below. Go here to shop.

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