Video: Cutting the Wedding Cake to Hatebreed!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metalhead love is in the air right now. Last week, we got a video from MetalSucks reader Adam Schwartz and his longtime partner, Katherine P-G, in which a Slayer-fueled mosh pit broke out at their wedding. Now we have the below video, from MS reader Chris Schweitzer, in which… well, here, we’ll let Chris tell you:

“My now-wife, Katie, gave me a gift when we met with the DJ where I could choose a song — any song — for our cake cutting.  Naturally, I went with ‘Destroy Everything’ from Hatebreed, and cut into the cake right as it kicked in.”

Which is just, like, WOW. Truly romantic. We should all be so blessed as to find a partner so loving as Katie.

A big MetalSucks mazel tov to Chris and Katie! We’re sure they have many happy years of destroying everything ahead of them.

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