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Exclusive Premiere: Sail Premiere Starch-Filled Video for “Starve”

  • Jeff Treppel

Do you like pasta? You may not after viewing the video for Sail’s new single, “Starve.” The UK “progressive sludge” act try to eat away their regret by carbo-loading. It doesn’t end well. Even if buckets full of pasta aren’t your thing, their racket should still appeal to fans of Torche and Red Fang. The band had this to say about their latest single:

“‘Starve’ is, put simply, a discussion about facing anxieties in life but with the backing of a big riff. It’s fairly thematically similar to our debut release — our lyrics are very often introspective and hugely personal to us all in differing ways — but despite this common ground the song feels like a step in a more solid, focused direction.”

Does this video make you hungry, or does it make you want to puke? Let us know in the comments below!

You can grab the self-released single here.

Exclusive Premiere: Sail Premiere Starch-Filled Video for “Starve”
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