There is Now a Misfits Halloween-Themed Kit Kat Bar


If you’re really into the Misfits, and you’re really into collectible toys, and you’re really into Halloween… boy do we have the item for you!

The Misfits have teamed up with Dead Zebra Inc and the O-No Food Company to bring fans a Halloween-themed Kit Kat bar, only it’s not edible: it’s a vinyl statue that comes in a Kit Kat wrapper with special, custom packaging. The so-called Kill Kat is limited to just 666 copies and boasts the following delectably written description:

“This sweet and psychotic conjoined candy from the dark lord of licorice stands 6-inches tall and comes in a fiendish candy wrapper style package. The deadly devilock clad Fiend Skull confection is vitamin 138 fortified with pure evil, plenty of attitude, 45g skulls, screams and the perfect way to kick off Halloween. 666 calories per serving*

“*DO NOT EAT. Seriously.”

The Kill Kat is available on the Misfits official website while supplies last. Am I the only who wishes this were an actual candy bar instead of a toy? It looks delicious!

The Misfits just announced yet another reunion show with the “original” lineup, this one in Philadelphia; get tickets here.

[via Metal Injection]

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