Listen to Cannabis Corpse’s Nug So Vile

  • Axl Rosenberg

I decided to be Mysterio for Halloween this year because that way I could inconspicuously hotbox my own costume. I even had a special soundproof fish bowl made so I can listen to music all night while smiling and nodding as people talk about inane shit like routes to work and diet plans and raising children and blah blah blah snooze.

And what music will I actually be pumping into my fish bowl? It might have been Corey Taylor’s Halloween playlist, but now that Cannabis Corpse are streaming their new album, Nug So Vile, in its entirety, that will DEFINITELY be the soundtrack to my Halloween night. It virtually guarantees I have 100% more fun while I’m out and about. The only challenge will be stopping myself from headbanging all the time. That could ruin both my charade and my fish bowl.

Listen to Nug So Vile below. It comes out tomorrow!

[via Rue Morgue]

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