Poll: Are You Excited for the Rage Against the Machine Reunion?


MetalSucks traffic numbers say folks are really fucking excited for the upcoming Rage Against the Machine reunion. Coachella is a huge festival — the event’s promoters know Rage are going to make tickets move — plus we need Rage now more than ever in these turbulent, fucked up times. And they’ve certainly made themselves scarce of late.

But the online eye-test tells a different story, one in which many folks seem upset that Rage Against the Machine are allegedly “selling out” by playing a giant, corporate festival like Coachella. Isn’t that, they claim, the very antithesis of what Rage are purportedly all about? (No, we would say; but more on that at a later date).

So: which is it? Are you stoked for the Rage reunion or do you think they’ve sold out? Maybe you never cared about the band to begin with. In any case, vote below!

You can keep an eye on tickets for next year’s Rage Against the Machine shows right here.

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