Watch: Dave Grohl on Sesame Street is G-D*mn Adorable


Sesame Street will kick off its 50th season this coming Saturday (November 16), which is absolutely bananas; has any show in the history of television had as much staying power? I watched it when I was a kid (and so did you, I’ll bet) and my kid watches it now. The Simpsons might make a run for the record eventually but IMO that show’s writers ran out of gas ages ago.

Sesame Street, though? Still going strong! In recent years the show has featured a number of pop artists as special guests, and in the coming season Foo Fighters mainman / all around awesome dude Dave Grohl will join to infuse a bit of rock n’ roll into the brains of our nation’s little ones.

The episode features Grohl talking about making friends everywhere — how appropriate! — and opens the clip by saying “Hi, it’s nice to come here and be with my friends Big Bird and Elmo! You know, I was just thinking: there’s friends everywhere, even the ones that you don’t know.” The trio then launch into a song called “The Here We Go Song” featuring Grohl and his trademark Gibson semi-hollowbody guitar singing along with his new pals over a green screen showing various locales across America. A more adorable Sesame Street clip has never been made.

Foo Fighters are currently scheduled to perform at the Impact Festival in Las Vegas next month; tickets here.

[via Kerrang!]

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