Archspire Helped Jason Momoa Learn to Scream Good

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember how supah-stah and avowed metal fan Jason Momoa recently recruited Archspire members Oliver Rae Aleron (vocals) and Spencer Prewett (drums) to cameo in his new Apple TV+ show, See? Well, Indiewire has now revealed that Momoa took full advantage of the resource that is Aleron, enlisting the frontman “to coach him on how to mimic his distinct vocal style for the show’s early troop rallying scene.” Says the screamer:

“Jason has such an interest in music and has done aggressive acting scenes before, so he was a quick learner for this. We spent time getting him familiar with what the vocal style is and were messaging back and forth while Archspire was on tour. When we hung out on sets, in between takes I’d come over to him and we’d go over the lines together.”

This was very wise thinking on Momoa’s part, ’cause Aleron definitely knows how to scream real scary. Having said that, I’m kinda surprised he needed any help… between Game of Thrones, Aquaman, and now See, Momoa seems to almost exclusively play characters who engage in large-scale battles that require lotsa war cries. I’d think he’d have all this shit down by now.

Read the rest of the Indiewire piece here. Archspire are on tour in Europe throughout December. Get dates and tickets here.

[via The PRP]

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