David Vincent Wrote an Autobiography, Named It After a Song on Illud Divinum Insanus

  • Axl Rosenberg

The past fifteen or twenty years have seen a ton of metal musicians release memoirs, most of whom are either known for their work in the NWOBHM (Lemmy, Bruce Dickinson), thrash (Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian), or glam genres (Bret Michaels, 3/5ths of Guns N’ Roses, 4/4ths of Mötley Crüe multiple times, etc.). Which makes sense! Those are all genres that were big back when metal used to make a sufficient amount of money for Rolling Stone and MTV to give a hoot.

Now David Vincent is kicking off when I assume will be less-profitable trend of death metal musicians releasing autobiographies: the former Morbid Angel frontman will release his own book on February 11 via Jawbone Press. It was “written with” well-known metal journalist Joel McIver, which is to say, Vincent likely told McIver a bunch of shit and then McIver did the heavy lifting (BTW, I’m not knocking either of these dudes; I look forward to getting my own “written with” credit on the autobiography of a well-known metalcore or deathcore musician some day… look for Antihero by Doc Coyle with Axl Rosenberg to hit shelves circa 2030).

That’s all well and good… but I did double take when I saw the title of the book, I Am Morbid: Ten Lessons Learned from Extreme Metal, Outlaw Country, and the Power of Self-Determination. Because “I Am Morbid” is the title of song from Morbid Angel’s oft-ridiculed 2011 release, Illud Divinum Insanus, which saw the band attempting (and by most accounts failing) to transition from DM into industrial.

You’d think this is not the chapter of his life (no pun intended) to which Evil D. wants to call attention, and that he’d name the book, I dunno, Dominate or Rapture, maybe. Then again, you’d think Trey Azagthoth would have seen the negative reaction to Insanus coming from ten miles away. I guess Morbid Angel just don’t do what you’d think.

ANYHOOZLE, here’s the official description of the tome…

“‘I Am Morbid‘ tells the astounding story of David Vincent, former bassist and singer with Morbid Angel, and now outlaw-country performer and leader of the I Am Morbid supergroup. Written with the bestselling author Joel McIver, it’s an autobiography that transcends the heavy metal category by its very nature. Much more than a mere memoir, ‘I Am Morbid‘ is an instruction manual for life at the sharp end—a gathering of wisdom distilled into ten acute lessons for anyone interested in furthering their fortunes in life.”

…and here’s the cover:

David Vincent Wrote an Autobiography, Named It After a Song on Illud Divinum Insanus

You can pre-order the book here. Somebody call me when Barney Greenway does one of these with Albert Mudrian.

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