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Poll: How Much Would You Pay for Mötley Crüe Reunion Tickets?


With this morning’s revelation that the Mötley Crüe reunion tour package — which also features Def Leppard and Poison — is asking $3.25 million per date, one thing is abundantly clear even if the tour doesn’t end up getting quite that amount: tickets are going to be hella expensive! We already knew this, of course, because why would this tour be happening otherwise? And also just duh, of course it’s gonna be expensive. But seeing those numbers laid out so starkly does invite the question: how much is too much? What would you actually pay for this thing? Especially given that Mötley’s most recent tour dates weren’t that long ago (2015).

Assuming there’s no way tickets are going to be available for less than $75 once all fees are included (or even without them!), we’ll start our polling at that amount and increase in $25 increments all the way up to $200, after which congratulations you’re just a rich jackass with too much disposable income and you aren’t representative of the core this poll is intended for anyway. So, have it! Vote below.

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