Listen to Antre’s New Blackened Death Single, “Wrecan”


Antre (pronounced “Ant-er”) take their heritage pretty seriously — their latest single, “Wrecan,” loosely translates to “Vengeance” in Old English — but the U.K.-based band aren’t copying everything from the past, as a lot of what they do is extremely innovative too. 

Antre have a habit of DIY-ing every aspect of their band, going the extra mile to carve their own niche by doing things like self-recording in a church, producing their own artwork and hand-pressing their own CDs. It seems like a lot of effort, but it’s all pieces of a final product that stands apart from the rest. “Wrecen” illustrates how the band draws their sound from a long list of influences all thrown together into a violent blend of chaos and rage that doesn’t stop kicking from start to finish. They don’t focus on blast-and-stop mediocrity but instead fuse all of their influences together to make something that resembles black, death and extreme metal all at once without strictly falling under any tag.

“Wrecen” is out now as a standalone single via Withered Hand Records. You can order it here and stream it below.

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