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Deaf Club is the Last Thing That Moves the Needle This Decade


There is almost nothing that moves my needle anymore. After a torrential decade of toxic media ingestion, my excitement sensors have been almost fully dulled down, like the worst available Ticonderoga No. 1 pencil heading into a standardized test in this strange computer-simulated third wave of neoliberalism we “live” in.

There’s some stuff that still does it here and there… Lana Del Ray saying she isn’t a furry as she exhales a plume of vape juice, Baby Yoda if I push out of my mind that Disney probably has had it in their content schedule since the 1300s… Tony Hawk skateboarding whilst wearing a ghillie suit in an Armed video… stuff like that.

Oh, and pretty much literally anything Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross) touches, including his new band Deaf Club, a disgustingly sick projectile of punk entropy produced by Pearson, Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Leo Ulfelder (Fissure).

Last week he sent me the video for “Days of Amusement Are Over,” which fully engaged my care receptors. It’s the last thing that moved my needle in 2019 and I expect it will yours as well.

Deaf Club’s EP Contemporary Sickness is out now via 31g (and via Bandcamp here).

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