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Suicide Silence Premiere New Song “Feel Alive”


We all have bad days when we feel like we wanna murder one or more people. Hopefully, we don’t act on it. But there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about it. And for a lot of us, metal gives us an outlet with which to sublimate that anger. Put another way: sometimes you just wanna listen to some real knuckle-draggin’ shit that is absolutely unsophisticated in the manner by which it expresses rage. You know the songs I mean. “5 Minutes Alone.” “Pure Hatred.” “Jonestown.” These songs are not nuanced. They do not contain multitudes. They just really. Really. REALLY. Fucking mad.

You can Suicide Silence’s new song, “Feel Alive,” to that list of bluntly barbaric anthems. It features the oh-so-poetic chorus “I need to kill to feel alive!”, a phrase screeched over guitars that sound like nails on a chalkboard. If this doesn’t satisfy the “Doris” haters, nothing will.

Check out “Feel Alive” via the below music video, which completes the trilogy started with “Love Me to Death” and “Meltdown.” All three tracks will appear on Suicide Silence’s new album, Become the Hunter, which drops on February 14. The band goes on tour with Jinjer and Toothgrinder starting in April. Get dates and tickets here.

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