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Dave Lombardo Drew a P*n*s on Brann Dailor’s Face When He Passed Out at a Party


There are important stories, and there are important stories. There are great headlines and there are great headlines. There are penises, and there are penises… and this one, my friends, checks all the damn boxes. It’s possibly even more important than anything Corey Taylor has ever said.

And so: in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor revealed that former Slayer / current Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo once drew a penis on Brann’s face when he passed out at a party. Because rules are rules, and those rules are never to be broken. Shoes on and anything is fair game, or so the unwritten law goes.

Speaking on his biggest misstep of the 2010s in a decade wrap-up piece, Dailor had this to say:

“[Don’t] pass out at a party that Dave Lombardo from Slayer is at, ’cause he drew a penis on my face with a marker. It was right after the Big Four did a Coachella thing [in 2011], a couple days before we started tracking our album The Hunter. And at a party with Lars Ulrich and all those guys, I passed out like a good boy. And I woke up, walked over to my hotel room and I had a penis drawn on my face.”

Sadly, no photo documentation of the incident is available, or at least not that Brann has chosen to share.

Mastodon are currently writing for their next album, about which Dailor said recently he’s “feeling the doom.” More on that as get it, but in the meantime you can entertain yourself with the mental image of Dave Lombardo drawing a giant dong on Brann Dailor’s passed out face.

[via Kerrang!]

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