Check Out Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg’s Sick Custom Hockey Mask


Lest you think the members of Slipknot only wear masks while performing with the band, their penchant for facial garb extends naturally to at least one other area: hockey.

Drummer Jay Weinberg grew up playing hockey and still gets out on the rink when time affords the opportunity, explaining on retired NHL player and noted metalhead Mike McKenna’s 6 Degrees with Mike McKenna podcast that he has a custom, Slipknot-themed goalie mask:

“After we finished touring in support of our last record, I had some time at home to regroup. Living in Nashville, a lot of people got hockey fever after the Predators made their Stanley Cup run. I have a friend who runs a guitar shop in town and he and I said: ‘We’ve got to start a team,’ so we started a team together called the East Side Hellhounds. He and I were on the ice at 6am every day, playing hockey and getting our chops back because I had quit playing hockey.

“But I got my pads and basically had the mindset of, ‘All right, I play in a band where I wear a mask – I can’t not have my goalie mask be my Slipknot mask.’ So I contacted a really talented guy named Dave Fried from Friedesigns, who painted my goalie mask.”

Have a look at some up-close photos of Weinberg’s custom goalie mask below.

Slipknot have a ton of touring lined up in 2020, including dates in the U.K., Europe, U.S., Asia and their very own cruise. Get dates and tickets here.

Check Out Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg’s Sick Custom Hockey Mask

[via The PRP]

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