Metallica’s “Battery” Re-Recorded to Sound Like The Black Album


Last month we shared a version of Metallica’s iconic track “Enter Sandman” that was re-worked and re-recorded to sound like it was on …And Justice For All. The track used James Hetfield’s original vocal track with everything else completely redone from scratch by YouTuber State of Mercury, who did an incredible job with the arrangement to make it sound like “Enter Sandman” had been on Justice all these years.

Turns out there’s a ton more where that came from, as State of Mercury has worked up a whole slew of similar Metallica re-imaginings that take their most popular songs forward or backward in time. We’ll start with a version of “Battery” re-recorded as if it were tracked with the big, slick production style Bob Rock made famous on The Black Album, and we’ll post a few others too, because why not? There’s always time for silly and entertaining stuff like this. Enjoy.

Metallica will headline five American festivals with two sets at each in 2020, and also have several South American shows booked; dates and tickets here!

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