Danzig Sings Elvis Coming in April (For Real This Time)

  • Axl Rosenberg

In April of 2019, a post on Danzig’s Facebook page announced that Danzig Sings Elvis — which is a covers album on which Danzig, like, sings Elvis n’ stuff — would be released in the fall. As you can probably tell by the fact that it’s now January of 2020 and we still haven’t heard the album, that didn’t happen.

Now a NEW post on Danzig’s Facebook page says the album will be out in April. Should we believe it this time? I don’t know why we would, but sure, let’s pretend this is 100% accurate. Danzig is a doctor, after all.

That same possibly-full-of-shit FB post says that the album will be accompanied by “some select intimate shows scheduled for a few cities in the US around that same time.” So if you’ve ever wanted to hear Danzig get winded while singing “Fools Rush In” LIVE!, you may very well have a chance to do so soon.

Meanwhile, Danzig’s feature film directing debut, Verotika, is scheduled for a home video release in February. The movie’s awfulness is already the stuff of legend, so that should be fun.

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