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Danzig Sings Elvis Coming in the Fall

  • Axl Rosenberg

Danzig Sings Elvis Coming in the Fall

Glenn Danzig and Elvis Presley have a lot in common, from their singing styles to their love of monochromatic outfits to the fact that they both died on the toilet. [Glenn Danzig is not actually dead. -Ed.] So it makes sense that Danzig recorded an Elvis covers album, Danzig Sings Elvis. We’ve been hearing about this thing since at least 2016, but according to a new post on the Danzig Facebook page, the “record has now been scheduled for a fall release.” More information, including which Elvis tracks Mr. Danzig recorded, is expected in the coming weeks.

Given the incredibly high quality of Danzig’s last covers album, 2015’s Skeletons, we have to assume that this will be the best record of 2019. In fact, if I were Tool, I would just go ahead and bump my album release back another year, for, surely, this will overshadow all other comers.

In that same post, we’re told that Glenn is going to be writing and directing a “vampire Spaghetti Western” feature film. I have to imagine that, too, will be an unfuckwithable masterpiece.

More news as it becomes available.

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