Darkest Hour Have Launched a Patreon


Metalcore pioneers Darkest Hour have launched a Patreon.

That in itself is notable: I can’t recall a band of Darkest Hour’s level and stature in the metal community having launched an ongoing Patreon campaign before, that domain mostly belonging to smaller bands and YouTubers (but I’m sure MetalSucks commenters will be quick to point out that I’m wrong). The only band that comes to mind are Ne Obliviscaris who jumped on the Patreon bandwagon early and were a much smaller band back then.

But Darkest Hour’s Patreon has some pretty neat perks, too: the band is pushing the $12.99/month option, which grants backers access to all of the benefits in the lower digital tier (more on that in a moment) plus an exclusive, limited edition 25th Anniversary 7-inch, only 500 of which are being made. The $9.99/month digital version includes “downloadable archived music, videos & photos; archived and new Darkest Hour podcasts; Band Q&As; subscriber polls; in depth gear breakdowns; lessons & tutorials; and unreleased demos & material from our 25 year old vault of content.”

As of now the band has 75 backers. Personally I think they should also offer an even lower tier, $5 or even $2, for example, for fans who simply want to support the band at a low monthly cost and don’t want much or anything in return.

You can sign up for Darkest Hour’s Patreon right here.

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