MetalSucks’ Least-Sucky Songs of the Week

Photo by Hristo Shindov

You made it through another work week! MAZEL TOV! Why not celebrate by treating yourself to these five songs, which were definitely the least-sucky ones we’ve heard since Monday, hm?

Suicide Silence – “Two Steps”

We dare you to listen to this song and not break something. Go ahead. Just try. It cannot be done.

Igorrr – “Very Noise”

Anyone who says there’s nothing new under the sun has yet to experience Igorrr. Bonus: the video is KILLER.

WVRM – “My Fucking Dixie (The New South)”

The soundtrack for tearing down statues of Confederate “heroes.”

Night Crowned – “IRA”

What if that one Polish band wasn’t an overrated bore? They’d probably sound like Night Crowned!

Video Nasties – “Drone Eagle”

John Carpenter-inspired deathrash? Yes please!

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