MetalSucks’ Least-Sucky Songs of the Week


You made it through another work week without telling Carl from accounting what you really think of him! Congratulations!!! Celebrate by blasting these five songs, which were definitely the least-sucky ones we’ve heard since Monday.

August Burns Red – “Bones”

To paraphrase Alice in Chains: “We believe August Burns Red’s ‘Bones’ are sweet.”

Havok – “Phantom Force”

May the “Force” be with you.

Igorrr Featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – “Parpaing”

How many corpses would a Corpsegrinder grind if a Corpsegrinder could grind corpses? A Corpsegrinder would grind as many corpses as a Corpsegrinder could grind if a Corpsegrinder could grind corpses.

Buzz Osborne (King Buzzo) Featuring Trevor Dunn – “Science in Modern America”

Mr. Wizard would approve!

Trivium – “The Catastrophist”

Fun fact: this song was originally meant to appear on the soundtrack for Cats!*

*May not actually be true.

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