Avatar Made a Movie

  • Axl Rosenberg
Avatar Made a Movie

James Cameron can go ahead and cross Legend of Avatar Country off the list of potential titles for his 87 sequels to Avatar — ’cause Sweden’s Avatar, who have nothing to do with Avatar (or Avatar, for that matter), have beat him to it.


Avatar’s non-Avatar film was also not financed by a major multinational conglomerate. Rather, it “was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where the goal was quickly met in only 90 minutes,” according to a press release. More than 1,700 fans ultimately donated in excess of $188,000 to fund the 44-minute film, which the band calls a “musical featurette inspired by the [2018] album of the same name.” As of this writing, I’ve only watched a little of it, but it seems to be about the search for a mythical, especially metal-friendly land. I do not believe it includes any blue cat people, “unobtanium,” or Stephen Lang, which is kinda too bad, ’cause Stephen Lang makes everything he’s in just a little bit better.

You can watch Legend of Avatar Country below. Avatar are planning to release a new album this year. Maybe it’s not too late for them to score a cameo in Avatar 52 as well.

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