Trapt’s Coronavirus Twitter Tantrum Is Easily the Most Entertaining Thing Happening Right Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

Look. You don’t need us to tell you that the dudes in Trapt suck. For one thing, we’ve covered their various exploits pretty thoroughly, from ripping off Rob Scallon to making homophobic and racist remarks to defending Donald Trump’s unlawful behavior to telling gauche jokes about late Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker. For another thing, you’ve heard their music. These. Guys. Are. Awful.

So it’s not especially surprising that the band have gone on a multi-day Twitter tirade about the coronavirus in which they’ve managed to say just about every offensive, insensitive, and stupid thing about the situation one could say.

Still, if you’re like us and you find dummies being dummies at least somewhat amusing, you will like find the aforementioned Twitter tantrum to be just about the most entertaining thing happening during these long days of being stuck at home.

As detailed by Slate (via Metal Injection), the ignorance party began when the band needlessly attacked noted civil rights activist Talbert Swan and the (delightfully) outspoken liberal movie star Chris Evans (Captain America in all the Marvel movies, Knives Out, etc.).

Swan is a bishop and NAACP leader who has routinely been harassed by the police for daring to suggest they stop needlessly murdering African-Americans, but I guess being aware that he’s part of a race that is targeted by the very people meant to be protecting them gives him a “victim mentality.” Which is basically what Swan in his response (although ignoring these jerks might have been wiser):

It makes you wonder how Trapt would feel if the cops starting pulling over and killing nu-metal fans for no reason other than being nu-metal fans. (I’m not advocating the murder of nu-metal fans, by the way. I’m just saying, try walking a mile in the other person’s shoes, y’know?)

Trump actually spent weeks spreading disinformation about the virus, and then later of course pretended that never happened, and now he’s inciting xenophobia. And factcheck.org has, to the shock of no one, called bullshit on the claim that Trump “made the decision to close off travel from China early on.” Also worth noting: Italy banned travel from China before the U.S. did. Also also worth noting: in many places, the hospitals are about to overrun and the system is failing. So basically nothing Trapt say here is accurate.

Still, props to this dude for having the single funniest response to Trapt’s lies:

To insult another critic, Trapt fell back on the old “you live in your mom’s basement” insult. Scrolling through said critic’s Twitter feed, there’s no evidence that he lives in his mom’s basement or anyone else’s basement.

They’re also big on the increasingly-tired “beta cuck” diss.

Elsewhere, they attempted to shame white people for believing in equal rights while gloating about the number of monthly listeners they have on Spotify and Pandora (a count, it seems worth mentioning, that puts them behind at least 56 other metal artists, including one that hasn’t released an album in twelve years, one who has been dead for five years and one who has been dead for a decade).

Which is in line with their recurring assertion that “white privilege does not exist,” that racism died and that the civil rights movement of the 1960s ended racism forever, that anyone born after the end of the 1960s civil rights movement could not possibly have done anything to help combat racism, and that anyone who disagrees has a “chip on their shoulder.”

They told this dude, an army veteran and retired college professor with a PhD, that he was a “waste of space” who hasn’t “done shit with your pathetic miserable life.” What patriots!

They also demonstrated that reading comprehension is not their forte.

That tweet made PERFECT sense man. No idea why Trapt think otherwise.

They repeatedly came down on the side of high school bullies and gave Ashley Feinberg, the author of the Slate article, shit for the amount of money they assume she makes. No idea where they got the figure. And not that it matters, but I can tell you as a member of the media that we don’t make a lot of money, but plenty of us do make much more than $35,000 a year.

Trapt’s Coronavirus Twitter Tantrum Is Easily the Most Entertaining Thing Happening Right Now
Trapt’s Coronavirus Twitter Tantrum Is Easily the Most Entertaining Thing Happening Right Now

And finally — and perhaps most gratingly — they admitted that they’re just trolls.

So there ya have it, folks. Trapt care about money and status, not about art or truth or their fellow human beings. What a bunch of great guys!

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