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How to Make Money with Instagram: 5 Techniques to Get Started


By now you no doubt understand that earning money with Instagram is possible. But you have to be patient, pay attention to detail and, in short, you have to work hard! As with anything, all that effort can end up paying off, and sometimes it can even pay very well! In addition, you may take Instagram marketing services like BuyTrueFollowers Instagram service to gain more popularity on Instagram and eventually earn money.

All that is well and good to hear, but in reality how can you transition from a mere mortal into an influencer? With a few techniques that allow you to promote a product or a service, whether it’s yours or not, you can earn money with Instagram. Read on to find how to make money with the world’s premier image-dedicated social network.

Affiliate Links on Instagram

We imagine you already know them — the famous affiliate links that are a main source of income for internet content creators who know how to make money — but as a reminder, this is a partnership with an advertiser that can generate rewards for you when your fans take action.

The ways you can get paid via affiliate links vary. You can receive a set amount per click, a fixed sum paid for each registration, or a percentage on the product sold. Bloggers use affiliate linking a lot, but on Instagram it’s a little more complicated because, as you may have noticed, it is impossible to insert links in the small description of the photo. There are only two ways to share an affiliate link:

  1. If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers you have access to extra functionality, and you can put a link in your stories.
  2. Otherwise, you can add a link in your bio. It will simply have to be changed with each new product. And don’t forget to encourage your fans to nav in the navigate to your bio link in the captions of your photos.

The pictures of the product to promote

Communication on Instagram is very visual, so it’s no surprise that the main way to promote a product or service is through photos. If you’re not particularly good at photography, don’t panic, Instagram has thought of everything.

The filters offered may seem a bit basic, but they can significantly improve the appearance of a photo by applying additional brightness, highlighting dominant colors, etc. There are also many third party apps with no shortage of tools that can enhance your photos.

For the composition of the photo, on the other hand, it is up to you to show your creativity. We recommend simply sharing an ordinary photo of your product; place it in casual scenes or even take a picture of yourself with it.

Mini demonstration videos

Photos are good. But to diversify your media, you can also take advantage of Instagram’s video functionality, which allows you to show how a product works or to focus on one of its aspects.

Beauty influencers use video a lot to show how to use a product and those who are in DIY fields can show a stage of realization. Certain areas are probably more suitable for this approach than others, but again, you just have to find the right angle.

Your message should be clear and concise. Be careful to remain authentic and not to advertise too aggressively.

The Insta Stories

This feature is relatively new, with Instagram having begun to roll it out towards the end of 2016. It’s very useful for making money with Instagram, and all influencers use it several times a day. A sort of status update in pictures, Insta Stories allows you to present a product in a slightly more user-friendly way.

It’s a bit like the Instagram backstage. You can share your personal side of your routine life. And you can even take the opportunity to communicate live with your fans, asking them questions or inviting them to ask you.

Another useful aspect of Insta Stories is the option to tag the brands or people of your choice in your photos or mini-videos. Those who have more than 10,000 followers can even, as we said before, post a link back to you.

The contests in collaboration with the brand

One more technique that can generate money with Instagram is running contests, usually in collaboration with a brand. But even if you own your product, there is nothing preventing you from implementing giveaways.

These contests are beneficial for everyone, so don’t deprive yourself of all they offer, and think of them as a way to help you gain followers. The first condition for participating in a contest is often to follow your account, or possibly invite someone else to do so. If you regularly share good plans via interesting contests, Instagrammers will follow you with even more interest.

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How much can you earn with Instagram?

A question that may burn your lips! Does being an influencer on Instagram pay off? Because, well, in the end, it’s not a real job, is it?

Imagine if there were training to become an influencer. And that certain university courses are considering integrating a subject specifically intended to teach the art and know-how specific to influencers. What if there were also a diploma, rendering influencer as a “real job?”

Either way, those who invest enough time and who give themselves the chance can no doubt make a living. And for a student, for example, Instagram can offer some solid supplemental income that beats working an odd job. But, as with anything, it depends on several factors.

Here are some rough guidelines for what folks can expect to earn based on their followings:

  • With less than 10,000 Instagram followers, you can earn around $80 per post.
  • With 100,000 followers, it’s possible to earn around $300 per post.
  • Once you get past that bar, you can expect to earn roughly $10 for every 1000 followers.
  • After a million, it’s difficult to make an estimate, but one can imagine that at this stage an influencer can earn a more than handsome salary.

Obtaining a partnership with a brand: mission impossible?

One more way to make money on Instagram is for a brand to contact you for a partnership, the ultimate end goalIt’s a bit of a dream scenario — it would be a bit like drinking your coffee on the street when Quentin Tarantino approaches and asks if you are available for a short film because he is tired of famous actors — but it can serve as a motivating end goal for any aspiring influences.

In conclusion, partnerships with brands are not an impossible task. But you have to give yourself the means.

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